As we have learned from our readings district attorney’s can be hugely influential in the criminal justice system but have historically been ignored.  San Francisco just had a very interesting D.A. election.  Chesa Boudin, an extremely progressive DA candidate just won the race.  Here is an article for reference:

He joins the ranks of a number of reformed minded DAs aimed at making the criminal justice system more progressive and ending some of the practices (cash bail for instance) we have discussed in our readings.  Many of these candidates are also intent on using the DAs office to reduce incarceration and take other steps we have talked about.

For our  assignment I would like you to review either the article provided on DA elect Boudin and envision what the results of his policies will be.  I t am instead interested in how you see the increasing influence of reform DA’s working out.  Will these kind of reforms help improve the functioning of the criminal justice system or will it result in a repeat of crime wave which originated in the 1960s?  There is no right or wrong answer and I will be grading you on strength of your argument.

This assignment should be emailed to me in a format consistent with how we do discussions (about 1 page)