Organisational Change Management Plan

The Proctor and Gamble Company is a multi-national corporation that deals in consumer goods, and whose primary responsibility is providing a wide range of personal care products, cleaning agents, as well as hygienic products. To improve on its market shares in an ever increasing business competition, it is indispensable that the company specializes in a variety of products, with production being large scale. This results in a higher chance of pollution and environmental degradation in areas of operation. The company thus seeks to adopt a strategic Organisational Change Management Plan that would easen its way to achieving a cleaner environment, while upholding its production level and overall profitability. This plan is meant to eradicate business disruptions and facilitate adoption by employees to business, cultural and technical changes that come with project initiatives. This paper therefore seeks to oversee an organisational change in Proctor and Gamble Company by formulating and implementing an environmental sustainability plan. Of note is that this plan will go a long way in improving the company’s responsibility to contribute to a cleaner environment.

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