Write 6 page essay on the topic Critique practice contents( child protection within the organisation of Child safety queensland).The income management was to be introduced to five areas of Australia (Bankstown included), starting from July 1. In the arrangement, residents perceived to be financial weak were to have half of their welfare transactions quarantined on Basicscard. The Basicscard is to operate only when recipients purchase items that have been approved at specified chain stores (Altman and Hinkson, 2007, 11).Protestors were poignant that the income management program was untenable since Aboriginal people were working for rations, while living in abject poverty, as the government denied them basic services.Another concern was that despite the measures that the income management program had put in place, the Australian Government through the NT intervention had not drawn attention to the prevailing unfair working conditions which many Aboriginals were subject to. It is against this backdrop that the protesters demanded backpay at an appropriate award rate for all Aborigine workers, along with an end to arrangement that would compel people to work for the BasicsCard in community-based programmes and incentives across all Aboriginal communities in Australia (Toohey and Toohey, 2008, 14 & Altman & Hinkson, 2010, 54).In respect to the above, one can clearly see that pursuing reconciliation without justice in social policy is an exercise in futility. Tampering reconciliation in social policy with justice is a sure guarantee that there is strong resolve to ensure that there are no relapses into past injustices.Australian Human Rights Commission n.d., 2007, Social Justice Report 2007-Chapter 3: The Northern Territory ‘Emergency Response’ intervention, https://www.humanrights.gov.au/publications/social-justice-report-2007-chapter-3-northern-territory-emergency-response-interventionMaguire, A. 2011, Stop the NT Intervention: Protest marks 4 years of NT Intervention, Retrieved on 4 September 2013, from:

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