Continue with the same TWO Spanish-speaking countries you used in week 2.

Compare and contrast ONE of the following topics related to the countries you chose:

  • The arts (i.e. painters, writers, designers, architects, musicians, etc.)
  • Nature (i.e. the environment and/or sustainability)

-Type a 500 word double-spaced paper in Microsoft Word in Ariel or Times New Roman 12 font.

-Review your Instructor’s Policies document for information related to automatic penalties, point deductions, requirements, and grading policies for cultural comparison papers.

***Please use titles for different paragraph sections. (APA format)

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Running head: CULTURAL COMPARISON Cultural Comparison Tiffany Banks January 28, 2019 SPAN/110 Ernesto Ebratt 1 CULTURAL COMPARISON 2 Cultural Comparison This paper explores the nature that is both similarities as well as differences of tourism in Spain and Cuba. Given that it is situated at reverse ends of the conventional sides, the two countries are, as one would suppose a far cry from one another. Yet, they as well display surprising similarities when it comes to tourism. Capitals Spain takes far more land compared to Cuba, while the temperature of Cuba ranges from warm to hot. Such weather seems to attract more tourist than the cold weather in Spain. Contrastingly, most tourists drew to Spain due to their natural endeavors and artworks (Henthorne, 2018). When it comes to language and communication, both countries have Spanish as a

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