Restrictions:  The experience should be viewed  during the current semester.  If this is impossible, contact the  instructor to arrange for alternatives.  You may not report on a  cultural experience viewed prior to this class. 

Write a report after you have explored or viewed the online resource. 

Your report should include the following information. Include photos  or links that help convey the information. As always, be sure to  document all sources you consult in preparing your work. This includes  any learning resources from the class, or information from the websites  that informed you about the particular item you explored. 

  • Name and location of event or name and director of the film,  writer’s name etc. If there is on-line information about what you  viewed, be sure to include a link to it within the text of your essay in  an appropriate place.  
  • Type of event. For example is it a film, ritual, service,  ceremony, poetry reading, festival, author interview etc. Make sure to  include the name of the authors, directors, producers, speakers, author  of your favorite poem (if poetry festival or event).  
  • Briefly describe the general setting by talking a bit about the  location (you can research the location online) and the general overall  “vibe” of the place or places viewed. 
  • Describe at least one aspect of what you viewed that you found  especially interesting. For example, you might write about the different  ways the same ritual is conducted by different groups, a poem you  really liked from the reading or poetry festival, something an author or  direct said that really struck you. Explain what impressed or affected  you, and why. Your reaction can be positive or negative, as long as you  offer an explanation. 
  • Identify and use at least two tools, concepts or methods that you  have learned about in this class in the Learning Resources to talk about  your viewing. For example, if you view a director’s commentary, you  might point out what the director says about lighting or the set, or if  you view to a ritual, talk about the myth the ritual is based on, or if  you watch a spoken word or poetry reading, you can talk about specific  literary language or imagery. Make sure you are explicit in identifying  the tools/concept/methods you are using and the specific learning  resources they come from. Be sure to inform the reader about the  tool/concept/method through a quote or paraphrase from the learning  resource. Then, make sure to tell the reader how you interpret and/or  analyze some elements of what you experience with the tools.  
  • Be sure to cite the learning resources you have used in MLA format. Please

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