• Sofia BurciagaSundaySep 19 at 7:56pmManage Discussion EntryHello everyone,1. Moral values preserve human life and are considerate of dual life values and others. When major moral ideals such as truth, freedom, and others begin to function properly, they have one thing in common: they enable them to safeguard or change the lives of everyone. Trust, honesty, courage, compassion, respect, and fairness are examples of moral principles. After discussing with a friend about moral ideals. Yes, they do have a significant problem with moral degradation nowadays, after discussing with a friend about moral ideals. Due to moral deterioration, the people have practically forgotten moral ideals and mutual regard for one another. The majority of people do not regard moral ideals and do not respect the rights of others, resulting in a demoralized society that is producing plenty of issues. Crime is on the rise, and girls and women no longer feel safe. Men face the same problems with being looked down on or degraded in certain categories.2. The majority of Donald Trump’s beliefs are racist. Such individuals, on the other hand, do not openly identify as racists and may express a desire to exclude particular people from their country . It’s tough to find a point of view where Trump is correct because his beliefs are based on wrong evidence. Moral relativism would imply that some things are moral to some people while others find them unethical. President Trump owes it to his country and the people to focus on what matters before speaking or, in any case, making decisions. Using one-sided conclusions to justify his viewpoints and actions would not be considered “official conduct” or even the behavior of a thoughtful resident. ReplyReply t
  • Antoinette PerezTuesdaySep 21 at 1:08pmManage Discussion Entry#1 I had a discussion with my co-workers about today’s morals. We agreed with everything going on in this world especially in our hometown, with the pandemic morals have decayed. An example is, we just had an 18 year old stab a 16 year old to death at a local school football game this past weekend. I explained to them what moral relativism is, they see it as it could go either way but think it can be dangerous as people’s morals are different especially with cultures. People do not value the same things and it causes hatred and fighting. These times and days are hard for everyone.#3 Some would say Donald Trump is a moral relativism, especially people who might support him might say he politically speaks his mind and does not care about the repercussions. Some people might not agree and say his morals are wrong and/or politically incorrect. I believe it all has to do with how you believe. We all do not think the same; so therefore we might not agree with if Donald Trump concepts and political views are moral or immoral. I personally do not have an opinion on this, as my morals might me different than others. I guess to answer this questions it depends on who you are and what you think is right or wrong to classify Donald Trump as a moral relativism of anything else. If you agree or disagree with Donald Trump and his views thats on the person. ReplyReply to Comment
  • Rahiem HalsteadWednesdaySep 22 at 1:36pmManage Discussion EntryRAHIEM HALSTEAD1219_HUM2225_OL11QUESTION 1 – After speaking with a friend about the concept of moral decay today, she expressed to me that she has a problem with individuals that are involved with polygamy which is a practice of having more than one wife or husband at one time. She also has a problem with women getting plastic surgery to make themselves feel or look better. According to the pew research website polygamy is practiced in sub–Saharan Africa under twelve percent of the populations of individuals are involved in polygamy relationships. Countries in Africa such as Burkina Faso and Nigeria has a good percent of individuals that’s involved with polygamy relationships (Kramer). While doing some research on the internet I found out that women may want their body backs after pregnancy, loss of weight, and self-consciousness at times which are good points (Spring). After explaining moral relativism to my friend, she concluded that moral relativism can be both dangerous and beneficial especially in America where most of the cultures are mixed up and free to practice despite harming other people, this can sometimes cause confusion.QUESTION 2 – I believe Donald Trumps was a moral relativist especially when it came to serving The United States of America as president. His statements and actions towards other countries were outrageous but honest sometimes. One example of moral relativism that former president Donald trump displayed is his statement on the country of Mexico. I quote “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best, they’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, and they’re rapist “ (Phillips 2017). Although former president Donald trump statement from was disturbing to other people he believed in his own words, and he believed that what he was saying is right. A lot of people was upset but most of his supporters agreed with his statement. I believe Donald Trump was trying to tell America that we are the greatest country in the world so we should perform as so. He wanted more engineers to be creative in America by American, he wanted America to be first in everything such as trading and agriculture. He viewed the world as competition, and he wanted to win. Some can say he went about it all wrong, but some would say he tried to put America first.ReferencesKramer, Stephanie. www.pewresearch.org. 7 December 2020.Phillips, Amber. www.washingtonpost.com. 16 June 2017.Spring, Dr. Michelle. www.glacierviewplasticsurgery.com. 30 august 2017. ReplyReply to Comment
  • Brendon PlunkettWednesdaySep 22 at 6:29pmManage Discussion EntryGood evening class. In a conversation with a co-worker regarding this week’s discussion topic some points were made that made me really consider their point of view. After asking if they thought there was an issue with moral decay in today’s society, they said they felt there was but in other areas there was improvements in society. The example they used were dating apps and some are just used for casual encounters. My coworker felt the convenience of the sites and apps make causal sex more common, which they felt inappropriate. On improvement side of their point of view, they felt society had come a long way in accepting people in same sex relationships. Those two aspects of a change in moral ideas were what first came to mind when I explained the reason for the conversation, my co-worker went on to say that “that’s just how I feel though.”. When getting to moral relativism my co-worker said they felt there has to be some idea that is a standard in what is seen as right and wrong but there could be chances where it would depend on the situation. Considering Rebecca Goldstein’s quote, I think slavery would be a good example. Something that was accepted for centuries in many different cultures. Over time as society progressed and the idea of human rights became something more universal it is not seen as something acceptable in a reasonable civilized society. There may be flaws in how we treat each other but slavery is something seen across our modern world as unacceptable. This is indicative of there being objective moral values in modern society and we have grown in some areas. ReplyReply to Comment
  • Collapse SubdiscussionInas WigginsInas WigginsWednesdaySep 22 at 9:28pmManage Discussion EntryHello class,I am answering question 1 and 2
    1. My family members believe we do have a problem with moral decay. They believe that things are more open and more acceptable now. They explained that a time before people would hide certain things from children. They wouldn’t allow kids to be exposed to cursing, sex, violence, etc. Now parents allow their kids to watch it all on television. After explaining moral relativism, they believe that the situation is dangerous. If there were no set type of morals that everyone should follow, the world would be hectic. People would do as they please and there would be a lot of disagreements. With moral relativism there is no universal morals.
    2. Rebecca Goldstein wrote, “There used to be things that everybody thought were okay, and then just about everybody changed their minds about them, and you could see that they were flat-out wrong.” An example of what she was referring to is how 13 yr. old girls would marry grown men. After puberty, a girl will begin grooming for a husband. It was just the normal, now it’s not morally accepted and against the law. I don’t think her idea supports moral relativism because moral relativism is the idea that there are no absolute rules to determine whether something is right or wrong. She clearly states the opposite. Because we made moral progress, I think now we believe in some objective moral values. We clearly know what is right or wrong and allowing a 13 yr. old child to marry is just flat out wrong.
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