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Drama class COURSE DESCRIPTION Culture, ethnicity, aesthetics, and ideology – often powerfully combined in the concept “subculture” – play a crucial role in the development of American identities (and identities elsewhere). This course explores how & why culture is performed as a means by which to define, express, and maintain social identity. Subcultures, such as Beats, hippies, slam poets, bikers, Metalheads, punks, Goths, nerds, Riot Grrls, geeks, pachucos, Emo, magicians, activists, BMXers, surfers, skaters, drag kings, bodybuilders, strippers, modern dancers, hip-hop enthusiasts, Rastafari, BDSM practitioners, and gangstas, etc., have importantly thrived in the United States. Our focus will be less on subcultural affiliations – “community cultures” – based on ethnic/national differences and origins (African-, Italian-,

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