Paper, PowerPoint and Plan.

Rationale: Developing a scholarly, critically reflective approach to practice helps to identify, explore, examine and share the subject/topic studied. This achieved by identifying, exploring, explaining, examining ,disseminating, providing information,or, demonstrating what and how we know what we know.

The assignment provides an opportunity to integrate learning from the unit. It will enable you to practice creating a PowerPoint presentation. This is currently the main tool for disseminating knowledge and learning to your peers.  Any good presentation starts with a paper outlining and briefly discussing the main points of a topic. A PowerPoint is then developed from this paper. The third part of this process is the dissemination of your knowledge to an audience – real or imagined.  This involves a written lesson plan that guides you in how you will develop the presentation and manage the process of delivery. It involves explaining how you will present and  manage the  content and the group process. The short paper, the PowerPoint and the plan are the three key pieces of work that will be submitted.

The format will one of the below:
1. develop the short paper.

2. Design and construct a 10 slide PowerPoint from your short paper. This includes a title slide, a reference list and an end slide. This means the content will be seven slides.

3. Develop a written lesson plan.


1. Outline and analyse  key components of a framework for health professionals guiding effective and respectful communication with Aboriginal Torres Strait Island ( Indigenous people to Australia), any person from a culture different from your own. The latter may include, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual identification, or some other perceived difference. Explore how this framework guides the delivery of culturally safe care.  For example, Cultural safety, cultural respect, communicating health, cultural competency, relational frameworks.

2. Drawing on the short paper, Develop a 7 slide PowerPoint , This excludes the title slide, the introduction, and reference list. Total number of slides = 10

3. Outline a lesson plan.  Identify a group. How will you manage the group process? How will you present the slides?

This assignment relates to learning outcomes:

1.      Critically reflect of the place of culture in your own, personal, professional and community life.

2.      Analyse and appraise the literature around theories of culture.

3.      Draw on relevant theory to help explain structures, practices and relations with professional practice and settings.

4.      Examine the impact of the culture of health and welfare  on clients families and communities.

5.      Develop the capacity to provide a culturally safe environment.

6.      Critically analyse models of intervention.

The purpose of any unit study or formal research is to come to the end of your exploration of the material through identifying key literature related to you topic, critically examining ideas, research etc and then finally coming to some conclusion about what you have found. This is what research is about.  The next stage is to disseminate your findings. This is what assignment three is concerned with. It will give you the experience of drawing  together your learning, capturing that learning in a written paper, planning presenting the paper to an audience and supporting your work with a few carefully designed slides to assist you in getting the key ideas of you presentation across.  In real life you would then write an article for publication thus contributing to the body of knowledge related to culture in practice. Future students will then put a key word in a search engine and come up with your name and article and you will be referenced in their essay.  This is the research cycle. Assignment three gives you an opportunity to experience the writing of the paper and planning for a presentation. Note: You may want to expand on your topic from assignment two and turning your exploration into a written paper with a PowerPoint. 

Marking criteria:

The written paper demonstrates the overall aim of the unit (reflecting
on who you are; professional and personal identity). This includes:
impact of culture on well-being and identity. Issues and or factors that
enable or constrain culturally safe competent practice)

Part 1: Written paper: Topic/issue clearly introduced and rationale
given. Logical sequence of ideas and arguments.

Demonstrates sound knowledge and understanding of the topic.
Use of appropriate research / literature.

Part 2: Seven slide PowerPoint presentation: Well designed and
developed for intended audience.

Part 3: Lesson outline: Provision to allow target group members to
develop discussion points without unnecessary intervention.
Balanced discussion of topic / issue.

Uses clear concise English, and major arguments supported from the
literature or from experience.

Uses APA Reference style

Provided evidence of synthesis of available information, of original
thought and personal reflection on the topic

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