Write a 3 page essay on Current Argument and Argument Definitions.This example is valid because if all men are classified as being stronger than women, and John is categorized as a man, therefore, the conclusion that John is stronger than women is valid.Strong argument: a strong argument is an argument that is measured by the strength of the premises, and it is not a must that the argument must be valid. For example: no African woman has ever made a scientific discovery. my friend Lydia is about to have a baby girl in the near future. so, Lydia’s baby girl will not be able to make a scientific discovery. This example can be said to be a strong argument, although it is not valid.Weak argument: weak arguments are considered to be arguments, whose link between premise and the conclusion is weak. For example: I always take my lunch at noon. Therefore, lunch is taken at noon. This example is a weak argument because not all people take their lunch at noon.Sound argument: a sound argument is an argument that is valid, and its conclusion is based on the premises that are true. For example: men are warm blooded animals. John is a man. therefore, John is a warm blooded animal. This example is a good example of a sound argument because not only are the two premises true, but also the conclusion is true.Unsound argument: an unsound argument is considered to be an argument that is invalid, and even its premises are not true. It is actually the opposite of sound argument. For example: all men have no brain. Charles is not a man. therefore, Charles has brain. In this example, although conclusion might seem to be true, the two premises are false.Cogent argument: cogent argument involves inductive argument that is strong and its premises are also true. An example of a cogent argument could be: I am hungry because I have not eaten anything in the past two days. I need to eat to end my hunger. eating will end my hunger. This is a good example of a cogent argument because the argument that I am hungry is strong, and eating will end my

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