Need an argumentative essay on How color influence customer’s decisions and behaviors. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.It will also consider the other alternatives in design for providing a more conducive environment for customers in pubs and cafes.Conflict in bars and pubs is a common occurrence in UK as well as in other parts of the world. Obviously, the main reason is that alcohol removes inhibition and enhances people’s tendency to react freely to situations. No matter how thoughtful and well planned the design is, one cannot hope to completely eradicate aggression in the setting of a bar or pub. On the other hand, one cannot simply ignore the “influence” of the design of a pub or bar on the “mood and behaviour of people who spend time in it” (Conflict & Violence in Pubs: Design Issues, 1992 p.3). This is because various elements in the environment in which humans function are known to exercise a high level of influence on their behaviour and determine how they respond to given situations. The design, light, colour or flow patterns of bars and pubs, when coupled with other factors such as drunkenness and noise pollution, can increase the stress levels of patrons and create flash points for instigating aggression. Research evidence suggests that the design, interior and “overly energetic décor – complexity and colour schemes” are causing “between 15 and 20% of all aggression” in bars and pubs (Conflict & Violence in Pubs: Design Issues, 1992 p.3). Therefore, these factors need to be taken into consideration when the designs of bars and pubs are planned and decided. Thus, apart from an appropriate shape and direction of the building and suitable design, it is significant to choose a sober colour scheme to facilitate a more congenial setting in pubs to reduce the stress levels of drunken customers and to encourage them to conduct peacefully.In the present day, “client initiated violence” is on the increase, which is identified as a major issue in “retail trade” including bars and pubs (Prevention and Management

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