This assignment you will review an article about cyber crimes laws and policy from a peer reviewedjournal.The Challenges to Enforcement of CybercrimesLaws and PolicyAlign your assignment to the following questions:Provide a full and correct bibliographic citation of the article using APA format. Identify and summarize the author’s argumentor viewpoint. Discuss the most important primary sources used in the article. What are the primary sources used? If applied what type of analysis did the author use inconjunction with the primary sources? Did the author look closely at a small number or primary source evidence? Or did the author take examplesfrom a wide range of sources? or something in between? Explain. Discuss the secondary sources used by the author. Did the author include only sources that supported the argument? or did the article also bring up secondary sources that the author wanted to challenge or refute? Did the author try to resolve disagreement between secondary sources? How recent are the sourcesrelative to the article’s publication date? Judge the article: Has the article been citied, has the authorwrittenother articles or reviews? Write a short paragraph(5 sentences or more) indicating the scholasticvalue. rate the article as if you expect someone with an IT background would read your rating.

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