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CYBER-RISK MANAGEMENT AND INCIDENT RESPONSE PAPER TOPIC: Cyberspace and vulnerabilities: Penetration Testing For this paper I would be briefly writing about Cyberspace and the vulnerabilities that are involved or that could be exploited, then I would be going into full detail about Penetration testing, The importance of pen testing, how it works and how it could be used to prevent incidents from occurring. Also, the processes that take place when conducting the test. Citations Humayun, M., Niazi, M., Jhanjhi, N. et al. Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities: A Systematic Mapping Study. Arab J Sci Eng 45, 3171–3189 (2020). Ronald J. Deibert, Rafal Rohozinski, Risking Security: Policies and Paradoxes of Cyberspace Security, International Political Sociology, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2010, Pages 15– 32, B. Arkin, S. Stender and G. McGraw, “Software penetration testing,” in IEEE Security & Privacy, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 84-87, Jan.-Feb. 2005, doi: 10.1109/MSP.2005.23. J. P. McDermott. 2001. Attack net penetration testing. In Proceedings of the 2000 workshop on New security paradigms (NSPW ’00). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 15–21. DOI: Alice Baker 16 march 2021, “pros and cons to penetration testing” Ashikali M. Hasan, Divyakant T. Meva, Anil K. Roy, Jignesh Doshi, “Perusal of web application security approach”, Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques (ICCT) 2017 International Conference on, pp. 90-95, 2017. Yugansh Khera, Deepansh Kumar, Sujay, Nidhi Garg, “Analysis and Impact of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing”, Machine Learning Big Data Cloud and Parallel Computing (COMITCon) 2019 International Conference on, pp. 525-530, 2019. 4/5/2021 Final Exam Project Final Exam Project Start Assignment Due May 4 by 11:59pm Points 150 Submitting a file upload File Types zip Your final project will count as your final exam for the term. This is an individual project. Your topic should tie directly to cyber risk management and incident response in some way. Make sure the instructor has approved your topic proposal before getting too far. Your final submission will consist of two components, saved together in a zip file: 1. Paper: Submit a final paper that is 6-8 pages double-spaced, not including reference pages (no title page needed). 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Minimum of 10 high-quality references, i.e. scholarly articles found through a library search, and you are allowed to use other web articles as long as they have substantial depth. You can use lighter, informal sources as part of your paper, but make sure you have at least 10 of the high-quality type. Use APA reference style (7th edition is newest, but 6th is OK, just make sure you are consistent.) Citations: For every reference in your Reference List, you should have at least one in-text citation for that reference in your paper. Again, refer to APA style for in-text citations. 2. Recorded Presentation: Submit a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation of your paper with recorded narration (pptx file). In addition, save your presentation as an mp4, upload it to YouTube, and provide the link as part of your submission (link can be submitted as a comment). See the tutorial below for help on how to record a PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to look up other tutorials if you like. See the rubric below for more information on how your paper and presentation will be graded. PowerPoint Voice-over Tutorial ( ( Final Project 484 Sp 21 1/2 4/5/2021 Final Exam Project Criteria Written Paper Does the paper’s format fall within requirements (6-8 pages not including references, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins)? Does the paper use at least 10 high-quality references that are each cited in the body? Is the topic of the paper related to cyber risk managment and/or incident response? Does the paper exhibit logical coherence to the topic, and are the claims made supported by cited evidence from the references used? Presentation Is the video and audio of the presentation of high quality, clear and understandable? Does the presentation last 10-15 minutes? Does the presentation convey the substance of the paper in a clear and organized manner? Ratings 100 pts Full Marks Pts 0 pts No Marks 100 pts 50 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 50 pts Total Points: 150 2/2

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