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CYBER-RISK MANAGEMENT AND INCIDENT RESPONSE PAPER TOPIC: Cyberspace and vulnerabilities: Penetration Testing For this paper I would be briefly writing about Cyberspace and the vulnerabilities that are involved or that could be exploited, then I would be going into full detail about Penetration testing, The importance of pen testing, how it works and how it could be used to prevent incidents from occurring. Also, the processes that take place when conducting the test. Citations Humayun, M., Niazi, M., Jhanjhi, N. et al. Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities: A Systematic Mapping Study. Arab J Sci Eng 45, 3171–3189 (2020). Ronald J. Deibert, Rafal Rohozinski, Risking Security: Policies and Paradoxes of Cyberspace Security, International Political Sociology, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2010, Pages 15–

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