I provided two videos of 2 dances I need responses to.

Impact 2.0 Dance #1 : (Dance starts at 3:38)

False Evidence. Appearing. Real Dance #2 ( Dance starts at 0.38)

In the 4 page essay please include:

Paragraph 1:  Quick Brief Intro:
1.First, give a formal impression of the dances together in a few sentences. Do not use “like”, “emotions” or “favorite”. This response is an objective analysis not a subjective evaluation.

Paragraph 2, 3, 4: BODY Paragraphs
( I attached a PDF called the Elements of Dance. Please use as much as these concepts when writing as you can)

1. What elements can be IDENTIFIED in each of the dance pieces? Be sure to consider genre or style of movement, choreographic elements, and technical elements such as lights, costumes, sound/music, and sets…etc.

2. DESCRIBE the elements you just identified in 1 in more detail and describe what in the piece made you identify those elements.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion:
1. Close the essay by summarizing the body of the essay and reiterating the formal impression from the intro into a closing statement that uses the elements discussion to support your idea/impression of the pieces.

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