After viewing the videos, answer the following questions by clicking on the above assignment and submitting your writing directly in the text box (do not attach a document). Answer the questions in at least 3 complete sentences each, using correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax (proofreading is a must).

Before you begin, review the Assignments Rubric under the Syllabus, Calendars, and Rubrics tab on the left side of your screen. Understand that your grade is based on the detail given in your answers and how you are supporting your ideas though specific and vivid examples from the videos and readings.

Describe any patterns (formations) commonly associated with primitive dance that you see in the first video. (Refer to the readings)
What are some reasons that the dancers performed in specific formations/patterns? What could be the purposes of the movement, spatial patterns, and relationships to each other? (make connections to the readings and videos as applicable)
Do you see any similarities between the rituals of primitive societies and rituals that we have in today’s society?  (Think about attending weddings, funerals, and other common events.  Were there certain elements that seemed “ritualistic”?)
Have you ever had an aesthetic experience when viewing a work of art?  (either positive or negative)  Explain.
What do you think is meant by the final statement in the chapter “…an audience’s response to a dance says as much about the audience as it does the dance.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

Note: Many of my past students commonly made the mistake of submitting their work incorrectly into the comment text box instead of the assignment text box.  This is considered an incorrect submission. After you click the above Assignment #1 link, make sure to click the “Write Submission” button under the “ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION” header. The assignment text box will then pop up… submit your work there instead of in the comment box.

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