In this module, you will explore the concept of data literacy and its importance in psychological research. First you will watch the video How Not to Be Ignorant About the World. Both your text and the video discuss bias and intuition and how both of these can cause decision making to go awry. The video ends by suggesting four heuristics (methods of problem solving, or “practical tricks,” as Hans Rosling describes them) that help people make accurate decisions in the modern world. As you answer the questions, think about the four methods and how they could be useful in people’s lives and decision making.

For your initial post, review the video and answer the following questions:

  • How would you describe one of the cognitive biases discussed in the video or in your assigned reading?
  • How can biases cause people to make inaccurate decisions?
  • How might using data and scientific reasoning help to avoid these types of biases?
  • How does the concept of data literacy and its importance in psychological research apply to any of the following programmatic course themes?
    • Social justice
    • Career connections
    • Ethics    

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