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Section 2

Data Management Staff Roles and Responsibilities:

Staff RolesResponsibilities
CRA The first responsibility is to analyze the data from the experiment and research design. The research method and protocols should be studied in detail. CRA should ensure that the data meets the requirements put as input. CRA should meet all the SOPs mentioned in the research design and method. Reviewing the data is the most important step and is essential for the research design and evaluation. The role of CRA is to verify and complete the data before processing it to the next.
PIThe roles of principal investigator includes the preparation and administration of the research grant and cooperative agreement. They are engaged in training and public service project. The laws and regulations are governed through the sponsored research.  
SponsorsThe sponsors have the role of investors and they spend a lot on the funding project. There are different sponsors in every project for the better completion.

Section 7

Database Closure Checks

CRA’s roles and responsibilitiesClinical research associate has the role to check the progress of study, to check the quality of data, to collect the data and to investigate the data assessments as necessary. CRA has the duty to manage the patient compliance as well.
Standard TimelineThe standard timeline for communicating the upcoming data locks with the site is almost one week.
Locking e-CRF formClinical Research Associate will lock the e-CRF. CRA will look into all the forms and will complete accordingly.
Unchanged dataCRA should ensure the data before locking because it cannot be changed once it is locked.
Steps before DB closureThe first step is the planning before the clinical management trials. The next step is to set a realistic timeline. The next step is to obtain timely sign-off from principal investigators. The next step is to engage the statistical team. The tracking and reviewing of data is the last step.

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