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Data Structures I – HW4 Instructions: 1. Download the hw4-files.zip file from the COL submission folder for HW4. As you did for HW1, unzip the file into the src folder that is in the workspace you created for this class. 2. Start up Eclipse. Use the same workspace that was created when you set up Eclipse. If you do not see hw4, right-click on the project or the src folder in the explorer window in Eclipse and select refresh. 3. In this assignment, you will be implementing a number of new methods in the LinkedIntList class we started to develop in class. 4. To get full credit, your methods can only traverse the list once. There are TIMING tests in the Junit test harness that check for this. You will not receive any credit for methods that fail their TIMING test. 5. See the API comments in the LinkedIntList.java file for details of how the methods should behave. 6. As usual, you may not change any method names or headers. You may not change the class or file name. You may not change the package statement at the top of the file and you may not add any import statements. You may not add any fields to the class. 7. The LinkedIntListTest.java file provided to you is quite long. You will probably need to write your own smaller tests. The main provided in the LinkedIntList.java file is meant to illustrate how you can write your own test code to see what your code is doing. Submission Your submission consists of two files. You must submit both files to get full credit. • • Submit your LinkedIntList.java file Submit a screenshot of what happens when you run the LinkedIntListTest.java Make sure the Junit window is clearly visible (with which tests passed and which failed) and make sure the Eclipse window takes up the entire screen when you take the screenshot. Save it to a .png, .jpg, or .bmp file. Failure to submit a screenshot will result in a 10-point deduction to your grade for HW4. Grading The name of each test function ends in a number indicating how many points that test is worth. Your score is the sum of the numbers in the names of all tests that pass. Each method you need to implement in the assignment is worth 20 points. You will not receive any points for methods that fail their TIMING test, regardless of what other tests pass for that method. As usual, failure to submit a screenshot as described in the Submission section will result in a 10-point deduction.

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