Assessment 4.1 DATABASE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS Assessment 4.1   Pick one of the three clusters of questions and provide detailed answers to them. Start with Ch.9. and conduct additional research. For your answers, don’t provide examples from the textbook. UWM Library is an excellent source to start: (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.)   You must provide explanatory answers to all questions on the topic. Copied and pasted definitions are not acceptable. To answer questions, use examples either from your research or from your own experience. Total length of the paper with all answers should be between 750 and 1000 words. Cite in the paper all the source you relied on in providing your answers. At the end of the paper include list of references used.  Follow consistently one citation style either MLA or APA (more about styles information here).   Do not copy and paste from the internet. Plagiarism will lead to the Fail grade for the whole competency set.     Learning Resources: Lecture Slides: Database Management Approaches Concepts of Database Management – Chap. 9, Help with the Assessment 4.1 Useful resources in preparing Assessment 4.1 and 4.2 Consult Assessment 4.1 Grading Rubrics to see how the grade is assigned. 1.     Distributed Databases questions:   ·         Using an example discuss the difference between a homogenous DDBMS and a heterogeneous DDBMS ·         Using an example explain what are the shared characteristics of all DDBMS ·         Provide real-world examples of companies that would use distributed databases. ·         What factors do you think are most important for deciding to use a distributed database strategy? Explain on examples. ·         Why would an organization have a heterogeneous DDBMS? Explain on examples. ·         Using your own experience with computing, discuss how easy or difficult it is to completely follow Date’s rules for distributed databases 9 through 12. What has been your experience with software that should run on both PCs and Macs for example? ·         Research the internet to determine if there are any DDBMSs that follow all 12 rules. Explain on examples. ·         Research the internet to find open-source DDBMSs. Find examples of their features and usage. 2.     Data warehouse questions   ·         Explain using examples what does it mean when a data warehouse is nonvolatile? ·         What is a fact table in a data warehouse? Provide your own  examples (not from the textbook) ·         When do you use OLAP? Provide your own  examples (not from the textbook) ·         What three types of actions do users typically perform when they use OLAP software? Provide examples and circumstances. ·         What is data mining? Provide examples of different approaches. ·         Listen to the story: (Links to an external site.) — example of a real life data warehouse. Research what is doing now for its data warehouse. Research and find example of other data warehouse and technologies used there: software and hardware.   3.     Client Server systems and web based databases questions: ·         Advantage of client/server systems is improved security. Could this also be a disadvantage? Why or why not? Explain on examples. ·         A disadvantage of client/server systems is a single point of failure. What does this mean? Provide examples. ·         Which situations would you want to ensure that some type of back-up system was in place? Explain on examples. ·         What is scalability?  Explain on examples. ·         What is back-end processor? Explain on examples. ·         What is front-end processor? Explain on examples. ·         Have you ever used Google docs to share documents? Have you used any other Internet services to share files? Summarize your experience. Explain on examples. ·         Research client side scripting languages (i.e. Javascript, jQuery): summarize what they can do, show examples. ·         .NET, Ruby on Rails, and Pyhton are programming development frameworks, and PHP is a scripting language for server-side extensions. Research and summarize this type of software. Explain on examples.   Submit summary of the questions for one of the three topics in the Assessment 4.1 dropbox. The length of the paper should be minimum 750-1000 words.

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