The imperativeness of financing and investing activities in a company’s balance sheet cannot be underscored. By nature, the two items indicate the well-being of an organization as far as the utilization of the available funds is concerned.  In broad terms, financing activities can be termed as those activities geared towards bringing financial resources to an organization. On the other hand, investing activities are associated with the purchase and sale of non-current assets of an organization.  This section of the paper delves into unraveling the financing and investing activities of two companies:  Dave busters and buffalo wild wings.

Dave Busters

Investing Activities


From the table above, it is clear that Dave & Buster’ s total investing cash flow in net terms for the year ending 2018 was $216,623,000. The item which shared a huge portion of the figure is the capital expenditure-a value of 219,901,000- which involved the purchase of fixed assets. This is a noble decision since fixed assets contribute immensely on the generation of incomes. Other sources came a distant second with a value of $ 3,200,000.

Financing Activities


The table shown above demonstrates that the total financing activities totaled to 49,337 in the year of interest, 2018. A further analysis indicates that the issuance of long-term debt of $ 506,090 constitutes of the large portion of the financing activities totals. The issuance by the company was necessary in order for it to invest in various viable projects.  Coming second is the change in capital stock which amounted to -$148,927 implying that the company repurchased some stocks from shareholders.

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