Note 2: If three students have already posted to a question or discussion topic on DB2 then choose another question/amendment. We have a large class so the class works best when the discussion is evenly spread among the various questions. This method will be used throughout the semester so use good judgment and move to another topic/question to ensure adequate comments for each topic/question.

Read all questions and posts and make sure that you review attachments etc even if you do not respond to that question. The attachment for the question about the Texas Courts System is very important. Attachments, power points and posts by the instructor should be routinely reviewed and studied. Typically, the questions each week will be subject matter that will be on exams.

Helpful note: when responding and posting, please Restate the Question so all of us can more easily understand your comments. Restating the question or subject matter is often helpful; merely stating “I agree” etc sometimes gets lost in the many posts. Remember that we are each others’ audience so good communication and easily understood references or lead-ins is helpful and considerate. 

DB2 Q2 . Why is the Supremacy and Commerce Clause important to the study of the Legal Environment of Business in today’s business world?
DB2 Q3  Choose one or more of the Bill of Rights and comment on how those rights affect you personally and the business environment generally. Suggestion: give real world examples when posting.

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