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The perception of the death penalty is changing, I know me personally growing up in Michigan where we do not have the death penalty I did not believe in the death penalty. However, since I have moved to other states such as California, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia I am for the death penalty. Especially, since I have joined the Bureau of Prisons and seeing different inmates commit heinous crimes. I have worked in corrections for 3 years and I have been at 3 different federal institutions. Therefore, I do believe that the inmates live really good. They live better than homeless people.  In the eyes of people who support capital punishment prison would be like a slap on their hand. Some of the crimes these people commit may deserve death. The inmates get to go to school, work, play on the rec yard, have religious services, free healthcare, they live really good for the most part. Meanwhile, homeless people are suffering, college educations isn’t free, it is like they are rewarding the bad with something good.

I grew up an orphan, I have been homeless several times, I have been in abusive foster homes. Furthermore, I have had to stress out about a job, shelter, college education and staying crime and drug free. Meanwhile these convicts have everything handed to them shelter, friends, free health insurance, recreations, education and jobs. What type of message is that sending to Americans and People across the world?  Most people do not care about committing crimes because they are not afraid of the punishment prison isn’t that bad. A lot of the inmates think they will gain respect from their gangs, friends, and peers by going to prison. According to Kehaulani (2015) A Pew Research Center poll conducted in March finds that 56% favor the death penalty for people convicted of murder, while 38% oppose it. Currently, just 40% of Democrats favor the death penalty, while 56% are opposed.

In conclusion, I work hard for my pay check, I have to pay for my medical insurance, I had to pay every penny for my college education, where is my reward? However, the inmates that are menace to society get everything handed to them because they are in prison? The only thing they may suffer from is no visits from family members and sexual contact with a woman but several inmates engage in homosexual behavior so prison life does not fit every convict. The prison system is already over-crowding the only thing that will help crime go down is the death penalty.


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