“Biodegradable” and read the article on Decomposition. Write a one page summary discussing what affects the rate of biodegradability and decomposition of various materials. Biodegradable (

What are the effects of climate change? • . • Effects Higher air and water temperatures Extreme weather events • Poor air and water quality · Consequences Melting of ice and glaciers Rising global sea levels • Food insecurity • Decrease in water availability and quality Ocean acidification • Destruction of homes, businesses, and other built infrastructure Displacement of people from low-lying areas and areas with extreme temperatures . 5 What are the health effects of climate change? • Higher temperatures: Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, CVD, respiratory disease, malnutrition from food insecurity, water-borne diseases, infectious diseases • Extreme weather events: Malnutrition, water-borne diseases, injuries, accidents, interrupted health care, limited food and other essentials, psychological stress or trauma • Poor air quality: Respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiac events, neurological decline and dementia . 1) 6

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