Write a 8 pages paper on the democratic party, the republican party and the declaration of independence. The right to life is founded on the knowledge that, moral values are build from life standards. Individuals act according to their own judgments based on the right to liberty. Right to liberty is based on the fact that the highest man’s moral virtues are founded on rationality. According to the right to pursue happiness, individuals are provided with the capability of fulfilling their own desires rather than the society at large. In that case, self-interest is the keyword. Thomas Jefferson utilized Locke‘s phrase” Pursuit of Happiness” and came up with a powerful statement of inalienable people’s right to “liberty, life and pursuit of happiness” in the independence declaration. Majority of individuals do not understand that the happiness concept of Locke was greatly inflamed by the philosophers in Greek, Epicurus and Aristotle to be precise. Instead of Locke equating pleasure with happiness, desire satisfaction or property, he differentiates between true happiness and imaginary happiness. Locke’s argues that liberty is founded on the necessity of happiness pursuing. Hence, the intellectual nature highest perfection is based on a constant and careful pursuit of solid and true happiness. From this argument, it is clear that liberty foundation is based on an individual search for happiness as it frees him or her from attachment to certain desires availed to him or her. Therefore, according to Jefferson and Locke, search for happiness is not necessarily the pursuit for property, pleasure or self-interest but rather, the freedom of making decisions whose outcome is perfect human being life including moral and intellectual right. The Republican platform is based on enduring principles rather than passing convenience. It is an outcome of the political history of the American transparent and open process. The platform is offered to the American population for the declaration that the Republican ideals&nbsp.are factors that will unify America as a country and give them courage while facing their foes.