rt I: ActivityAs you participate in this activity think freely, and if your answers aren’t “right” that is OK… just make sure your answers are well thought out. Problem: What is occurring in the demonstration?Materials:Drinking glass with a smooth rimSmall square of cardboard about three inches squareProcedure: Work over a sink!Fill the drinking glass with water up to the brim.Place the cardboard on top of the glass and hold it down. Some extra water may escape.Hold the cardboard against the glass with your fingers and turn the glass over.Carefully remove your fingers.You should be surprised and amazed by this strange occurrence.Repeat the experiment with a new piece of cardboard and only one inch of water in the glass.Observation / AnalysisAnswer the following questions in complete sentences:What observations did you make in each experiment?Explain what holds the cardboard in place.Explain what holds the water in place.Part II: Pressure DiscussionHumans have long been intrigued by the ocean and what lies beneath. SCUBA diving and submarines can take us where no man has gone before, but many sea creatures exist.Consider the following question: Man has invented many amazing things to help us explore the unknown. Where would you want to explore, and what would you invent to help you do it?Explore the following web sites as a resources for developing an understanding of the problems related to undersea exploration: Hot Topics: Deep Sea BiologyOceanographic ToolsThen, go to the discussion area to post your response. Support your response with information you learned in this activity and from the web site.In addition, take time to read and respond to two of your classmates. Evaluate their responses and inventions. If you think their inventions would work, tell them why; if not, tell them why not and support your response with information you learned in this activity.