Carbonate Platforms & Reefs Al, Marwa, Andrew Carbonate Platforms Reef Systems Geologic History Dominant Organism in Carbonate Platforms ● ● ● ● ● ● Precambrian – stromatolites Paleozoic – brachiopods and stromatoporoids Cambrian – archaeocyatha Silurian – tabulata Devonian – rugosa Triassic – scleractinia Depositional Settings ● Reef Environments ○ ○ Form in shallow water Grow upward in response to sea level ■ If not rising, bioeroders weaken framework ● Storms then topple… allows for new growth ○ Often found along outer shelf of many rimmed platforms ○ Mostly built by larger organisms ■ ■ ○ Able to thrive in high-energy environments Linear reefs along platform margins (Barrier Reefs) ■

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