Integrity is key to effective service delivery in all sectors of employment. Without corruption, justice in the judicial system is assured but this is not the case in several states based on the increasing rates of bribery, nepotism, racism, among other forms of misconduct. The situation has become worse as the law enforcement officers indulge in the malpractice, misuse their political contract, and abuse their power for an individual gain. Police misconduct compromises unity and public trust thus a need for the address of the problem.

Role of Special ‘Commission’ in Uncovering and Reducing Police Corruption

In the effort of addressing police misconduct, the government has formed an independent body that ensures that all judicial principles are observed while also protecting the public trust. Following this step, the special commission has created guidelines and regulations that are engaged during police recruitment to ensure that only individuals of good character are recruited in the field (Miller, 2016). The police ethical standards are also upheld by the commission as regular police training concerning integrity is conducted. Besides, the officers are informed of the punishment it takes for failure to observe integrity at work and all the ethical principles stated in the judicial service system.

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