4oGEOL 2010 Rock Description test Name: Student Number: Description of igneous rocks has to contain following information: 1. Textural features (based on the grain size and variability of grain sizes) 2. Colour (not just grey, white etc., but using proper terminology we have discussed in the practical sessions) 3. Mineral composition where minerals are visible (if you cannot identify minerals at least you can provide description including their colour (this time real colour), shape and potential presence or absence of cleavage) 4. Rock name Description of sedimentary rocks must include (when visible): 1. Lamination 2. For clastic rocks: a. Grain size b. Sorting c. Roundness d. Proportion of clasts, matrix and cement (if identifiable) e. Minerals representing clasts f. Any other clearly visible features 3. For chemical sediments rocks: g. Chemical composition h. Any other identifiable features 4. Rock name 5. Formation environment Description of metamorphic rocks must include (when visible): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Fabric Colour (real colour) Mineral composition Metamorphic grade Rock name Possible parent rock Total number of marks is 30 (10 for each sample). I would have to work detailed allocation of marks for each sample depending on features visible in each. Rock 1: 1 cm Description: Rock 2: 1 cm Description: Rock 3: 1 cm Description:

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