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Name: Total points: 100; Due Date: 09/17/2021; Q1 carries 50 points, Q2 carries 30 points; Q3-10 points/ Q4-10 points 1. (use excel) Design a “stable bed” trapezoidal channel for a slope of 0.009, Q100 =2500 ft3/sec, and a Manning’s n value of 0.0270. Assume a bottom width of 18 ft and z = 3. The current bed material is “fine gravels” (permissible shear stress 0.075 lb/ft2). Keep the excel file. Clearly answer the following questions. a. List the design criteria b. Use excel solver, insert the table here or at the end Depth from solve should be about 5.6 c. Does the channel require “Gravel/Rock” riprap? If yes, what should be the gravel/rock size? Avearge bed shear stress is 2.0766 lb/ft2, yes. May be pick 9 inch The table gives 6 inch and 12 inch permissible shear stress. If you intererpret the value for 9 inches is 3 lb/ft2 d. Is the

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