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Lab #3: Determination of Pi Purpose: 1. To take measurements of circumference and diameter for circles. 2. To use data from these measurements to develop data analysis techniques that will be useful in other components of this course. Background: We start by asking the question: “In a circle, is the circumference proportional to the diameter?” If it is then C = Nd, where N is some number whose value we do not yet know. We can now write this as N = C/d Thus, if N is the same for all circles then C is proportional to d for the circles. Procedure: piece of string, ruler with units (metric units of cm or mm might be easier), a coin, a small can and a large can or round jar. 1. Draw the 3 different circles of different sizes. Label each on second page. (only second page to be submitted for the assignment. 2. Using a string determine the circumference of each object and the diameter. Record your measurements in the data section and remember to record your units. 3. Compute N for each circle. Data: Use these values for the table on the next page and remember the units Circle 1: Value of C: __________ Circle 2: Value of C: __________ Value of d: __________ Value of d: __________ Value of N: __________ Value of N: __________ Circle 3: Value of C: __________ Value of d: __________ Value of N: __________ This sheet to be completed and submitted for your assignment: Drawings of three circles: (they can overlap) Circle 1 2 3 Circumference Diameter Value of N 1 2 Average of N: __________________ (sum up 3 values and divide by 3) Did each circle have same N value? If not why might that have happened? 3 Based on the average N, what is th

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