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Titration of seawater alkalinity using coulometrically standarized acid Electrons were discovered by the English physicist Joseph John Thomson in 1897 as he studied the glow in a cathoderay tube. This was the first time anyone realized that the atom is not just one solid ball. Reading Assignment Coulometry Background • • eText, pg 713-729 (focusing on constant current coulometry). Swim, J., E. Earps, L. M. Reed, and D. Paul (1996), Constant-Current Coulometric Titration of Hydrochloric Acid, Journal of Chemical Education, 73(7), 679. Standardization of HCl • Laboratory Protocol for the titration of 0.1 M HCl/NaCl by coulometry. Alkalinity Titration • • • • • Laboratory Protocol for the titration of seawater alkalinity. Review the Excel template provided. Background information on plotting your data (Supplement Documents on Gran

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