I’m working on a film discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Please watch a screening program, Short Videos by Peer Bode, from the link below, and write a paper about it.

The paper should consist of 6 paragraphs, as there are 6 videos in this screening program. Here is the program information.

Blue (Peer Bode, 5 min., silent, 1975)
100 Sec. Lumination (Peer Bode, 2 min., silent, 1976)
Movements for Video, Dance and Music (Peer Bode, 15 min., 1976)
Camel With Window Memory (Peer Bode, 5 min., 1983)
Uber Organ (Peer Bode, 6 min., 2003)
Songs for Beijing (Peer Bode, 6 min., 2003)

The title of the video should be mentioned in the paragraph, and you should write your general comments on each video. The total word count of the paper should be between 300 & 400 words. ****Write about cinematic elements such as camera movements, camera positions, visual composition, lighting/colors, visual pace/rhythym, audio, film structure. Short paper. Can be done in an hour.

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