Student post down below:

Within my U 6 D 1 post I stated that it would be very important that the choice of the stakeholders be someone from that community who know what should be done to help those in the community, to motivate them, having their ideas heard and making them feel appreciated as a person. However, when it comes to the two types of organizations that would meet the criteria for stakeholders for me are; Bronx Works and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and I think both organizations would benefit from the collaboration of stakeholders and not to mention they both have been around for decades, as well. Therefore, these two organizations are both for the residents in the communities and have provided different services to them for many years. Because these two organizations have strengthened the communities and have changed the lives of many individuals, too.

So, as I mentioned above, I think both organizations would benefit from their collaboration as stakeholders and would only allow them to continue to provide the many communities with the help they need as far as to keep providing services to the young and older residents. Even though these are two different organizations that have involved themselves within the communities in different ways, but one thing is certain, they both are dedicated to focusing on the well-being of others and helping every one of all cultures, and from diverse backgrounds to improving their unfortunate situations whatever they may be.

According to Heath & Isbell (2017) stated “Who gets to define the problem?” may be a more important question than “what is the problem?” for interorganizational collaboration. Depending on the stakeholder, the problem can be conceived of in different ways. “Stakeholder” can be a challenging term to define. Indeed, much research has been conducted on the boundaries and limitations of what it means to be a stakeholder. Put in the most simplistic terms, stakeholders are any constituency that can affect or be affected by an organization (or in our case a collaboration.” (Heath & Isbell, 2017, pgs. 44 & 45).


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