Chronic Disease

The goal of this homework assignment is for each student to become familiar with a chronic disease, and specifically the role of Federal Agencies, local Health Agencies and NGOs in addressing this disease as a public health issue.

You may select one of the diseases we have discussed in class or select a disease of particular interest to you.

Examples:Cancer (e.g. lung, breast, liver, colon etc.)


Heart Disease and Stroke

Kidney Disease


Tooth Decay


1) What disease did you select?

a. Provide the name and a brief discussion of the health effects.

b. Specifically address if the effects of the disease changes, progresses and become worse across the lifetime.

c. Can permanent disability or death result from the disease?

2) Go to the NIH and CDC websites.(You may access the Mayo Clinic website as well for general information)

a. What aspects of disease treatment and prevention are discussed? Please list and describe each.

b. Classify these actions as Primary Secondary or Tertiary prevention?

c. Provide the link you reference for treatment and prevention

3) Go to the Research Pages of the NIH and CDC websites. Are there any research efforts ongoing for the disease or class of diseases? Please list. Provide a link.

4) Search your state and county website – (provide the weblink)

a. Is this disease or a class of related diseases addressed by your local and state Health departments?

b. What prevention activities are evident from the State and Local Health Departments?

5) Most high-impact Chronic diseases have science and advocacy groups which are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Locate at least one NGO which is relevant to the Chronic disease you are studying.

a. List Public Health Education materials available (provide weblink)

b. What Public Policy advocacy and issues are highlighted by the NGO. List and provide a weblink for the information.Tags: public healthdiabetesMellitus

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