. Assignment should not have more than five pages.

. Assignment prepared by hand writing will be much appreciated.

7. Assignment will cover following sub-topics-

-Chemical Structure & Naming

-Physical & Chemical properties


-Mechanism of Action

-Chemical Synthesis/ Reaction Mechanism

-Structure Activity Relationship, If any

-Metabolism, If any

8. Try to cover as maximum as you can from sub-topics given in point no.7 (above).

9. Assignment must be written in your language and it should not be direct copy paste from lecture notes and materials available online.

10. If all contents or most of the content of assignment of two or more than two students were found to be similar, then it will be considered as cheating/copying and all of them marks will be deducted.

11. Assignment must be submitted before the start of Final Exam.

12. Must write reference at the end of your assignment.

13. Use cover page given on next page for your assignment and SEND your prepared assignment only on EDMODO by converting into pdf file. Marks will be deducted if students were found sending on email/WhatsApp.Tags: chemical synthesisDiclofenacanti inflammatory drug

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