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From the Hoff et al. article you read: What is one specific difference in how the surgical vs. MICU teams respond to errors within their work settings, and then please link that observed difference to a specific difference in the work context which might be driving it. Finally, very briefly give a “structural redesign” idea (something the hospital could do) for either one of the team settings (surgery or micu) that could improve how that team (surgical or MICU, not both, be specific which team you are referring to) responds to/learns from errors. Use the Hoff et al. article to build an evidence-based post supporting the first part of your answer (use findings from the article, directly answer this part of the question first). The second part of the answer can be more guided speculation (not pure opinion), and should try and apply logic from what you know about the everyday work context of a given team that you are focused on (e.g., be realistic with the second part of the question recognizing some of the limitations of a given team’s context, read about in the article).

Keeping to word limits (200-250 words for this post) and using information clearly from the readings especially is important.

Please write carefully as the requirements above in depth.

here is the link to the article, do not quote any other outside sources expect this article.

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