Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study. 

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School of Computer and Information Sciences COURSE SYLLABUS Course Information ITS630 – M30 Organ Leader & Decision Making Fall 2021 Full Term Course Format: Hybrid CRN: 10746 Class Time and Location: F 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM, SEA Residency Session: 09/24/2021 – 09/26/2021 Instructor Information Name: Dr. Martin Cordero Email: Phone: 9312161163 Office Location: Remote Office Hours/Preferred Contact Times: Email me for an appointment UC Directory URL: Course Description One of the most important skills a business leader needs to have concerning technology involves effective decision making and governance. This class will consist of a case study approach presenting different scenarios that require decisions to be made on technology issues that are relevant to today’s business environment. Students will develop the skills for understanding the components and elements of these technology decisions, and assess associated risks. This course will draw upon a cross section of technology, finance, security, project management, leadership, and other aspects of effective decision making. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course: 1. Develop IT strategy for business value, 2. – Explain the principles of business metrics and its application in the business setting, 3. – Explore and explain the principles of communications with business managers. Learner Outcomes Compare and contrast the difference between leadership and management in a digital world Understand how innovation assists organizations with transformation principles and practices Understand how organizational culture impacts productivity Articulate what ethical leadership is and how it impacts culture Evaluate leadership traits that are most influential and impactful in strategic business decisions. Course Website Access to the course website is required via the iLearn portal on the University of the Cumberlands website: or Required Books and Resources Title: Organizational Leadership ISBN: 9781529715460 Authors: John Bratton Publisher: SAGE Publication Date: 2020-02-10 Edition: 1st ED. Course Required text can be found and purchased via the UC Barnes and Noble Bookstore: Suggested Books and Resources Organizational Ethics ISBN: 9781506361765 Authors: Craig E. Johnson Publisher: SAGE Publications Publication Date: 2018-01-31 Building Leadership Character ISBN: 9781544343112 Authors: Amy Newman Publisher: SAGE Publications Publication Date: 2018-03-28 Requirements and Policies Academic Dishonesty Policy As a Christian liberal arts university committed to the pursuit of truth and understanding, any act of academic dishonesty is especially distressing and cannot be tolerated. In general, academic dishonesty involves the abuse and misuse of information or people to gain an undeserved academic advantage or evaluation. The common forms of academic dishonesty include: 1. cheating – using deception in the taking of tests or the preparation of written work, using unauthorized materials, copying another person’s work with or without consent, or assisting another in such activities; 2. lying – falsifying, fabricating, or forging information in either written or spoken presentations; 3. plagiarism – using the published writings, data, interpretations, or ideas of another without proper documentation. Episodes of academic dishonesty are reported as appropriate to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The potential penalty for academic dishonesty includes 1) a failing grade on a particular assignment, 2) a failing grade for the entire course, 3) suspension or expulsion, or (4) revocation of a degree. Attendance Policy Course enrollment and participation will be monitored and verified for all students during the first two weeks of classes. Lack of participation during this time may jeopardize enrollment status. Each student is expected to meet course expectations by completing the coursework required each week. Active participation and staying abreast of the material is essential to success. Program specific attendance policies may still apply. Executive Residency Attendance Policy Attendance to each Executive Residency class session is mandatory. Students may make-up no more than one (1) residency session throughout the duration of their academic program. Missing a second residency will result in the student being dismissed from the University. Each student must be in attendance for the entire duration of the required residency weekend. Late arrivals and/or early departures are not permitted. Punctuality is important as each student is required to have the documented in-seat time per course requirements. A missed session will result in the student attending a make-up session, and paying a $300 Residency Make-Up fee. In addition, the student may be asked for documentation from the program department providing an explanation as to why the schedule residency session was missed. Make-Up sessions must be completed prior to the end of the term. Noncompliance with this policy will result in dismissal from the executive program. Participation Policy Students are expected to actively participate in intelligent discussion of assigned topics in all areas, such as: Discussion Board Activities, Synchronous Sessions, Forums, Shared Papers, etc. Point adjustments will be taken for non-participation. Disability Accommodations University of the Cumberlands accepts students with certified disabilities and provides reasonable accommodations for their certified needs in the classroom, in housing, in food service or in other areas. For accommodations to be awarded, a student must submit a completed Accommodations Application form and provide documentation of the disability to the Disability Services Coordinator (Keely Peterson, Boswell Campus Center, Student Services Office Suite, When all paperwork is on file, a meeting between the student and the Coordinator will be arranged to discuss possible accommodations before accommodations are formally approved. Students must then meet with the Coordinator at the beginning of each semester before any academic accommodations can be certified for that term. Certifications for other accommodations are normally reviewed annually. Course Evaluations The course evaluation will be open during the last two weeks of the term. To access the evaluation (during that time), visit and log-in using your UC credentials. A reminder email notification will be sent when the evaluation is available. We value your feedback. Every evaluation is confidential and anonymous. The anonymous results of the course evaluations are not available for faculty to see until after final grades are submitted. Your thoughtful responses guide future improvements for the course and programs. Academic Appeal Both undergraduate and graduate students have the right to challenge a grade. If discussions with the course instructor and department chair do not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, students may file a formal written appeal with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will forward the appeal to the chair of the Academic Appeals Committee. This formal written appeal must be filed by the end of the 4th week of classes in the next regular term following the term in which the course in question was taken. The Academic Appeals Committee then gathers information from the student, the instructor, and any other relevant parties. The Committee will deliver its recommendation on the complaint to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. After reviewing this recommendation and concurring or amending it, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will inform the student and instructor of the disposition of the complaint no later than the last day of classes of the term in which the complaint was filed. Records of all actions regarding academic grade appeals, including their final disposition, are maintained by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Appeals Committee. (Undergraduate Catalog/Graduate Catalog) Student Responsibilities Students should: Use University of the Cumberlands email system for all academic, administrative, and co-curricular communication between faculty, staff and peers. Check for email and class announcements using iLearn (primary) and University of the Cumberlands webmail (secondary) daily. Demonstrate Cumberlands Character in and outside the classroom per the University Mission & Vision Ensure you have consistent required technology for the course Participate in courses regularly to: Find announcements and updates Complete assignments on time. Keep in mind that all deadlines use Eastern Standard Time (EST). Engage in discussion Connect with fellow students and faculty Present written work in an academic and professional manner. Take examinations on the designated dates and times. Students should make arrangements with faculty before the designated date for any needed accommodations. Contact faculty or student success coordinator with questions or concerns. Course Policies 1. The only authorized electronic means of academic, administrative, and cocurricular communication between University of the Cumberlands and its students is through the UCumberlands email system (i.e. Webmail). Each student is responsible for monitoring his/her University email account frequently. This is the primary email account used to correspond with you directly by the University; imperative program information is sent to this email account specifically from campus and program office. 2. Students should check for e-mail and class announcements using iLearn (primary) and University of the Cumberlands webmail (secondary). 3. Students are expected to find out class assignments for missed classes and make up missed work. 4. Students are expected to find out if any changes have been made in the class or assignment schedule. 5. Written work must be presented in a professional manner. 6. Work that is not submitted in a professional manner will not be evaluated and will be returned as unacceptable. 7. There is a craft to writing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and diction (word usage) are all tools of that craft. Writing at the collegiate level will show careful attention to these elements of craft. 8. Work that does not exhibit care with regard to these elements will be considered as inadequate for college writing and graded accordingly. 9. Students are expected to take the examinations on the designated dates. If you are unable to take the exam on the scheduled date and know in advance, you are to make arrangements with your professor before the designated date. If you miss the exam, you must have a legitimate reason as determined by your professor. Recognizing that a large part of professional life is meeting deadlines, it is necessary to develop time management and organizational skills. Failure to meet the course deadlines may result in penalties. Keep in mind that all deadlines are set using Eastern Standard Time (EST). Late assignments will NOT be accepted. Course Activities and Experiences Students are expected to: Review any assigned reading material and prepare responses to homework assigned. Actively participate in activities, assignments, and discussions. Evaluate and react to each other’s work in a supportive, constructive manner. Complete specific assignments and exams when specified and in a professional manner. Utilize learned technologies for class assignments. Connect content knowledge from core courses to practical training placement and activities. 

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