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1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing The College of Administrative and Finance Sciences E-commerce Department E-Marketing (ECOM301) Digital Marketing Plan Project Name: Maryama abdulhamid Aljarad 180278663 CRN : 15246 You work for a company as a digital marketing manager and you’ve been asked to prepare a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. The campaign will run for the duration of one year, starting January until December 2022. Important note: You can choose any company to work with as long as: • It is a local company. • It is a startup that was established in the last (3 – 6) years, 2014 onwards. • It can belong to any industry sector. ECOM 301 Project 1 1st Semester 2021 -2022 ECOM 301 Project E-Marketing 2 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing Requirements Part 1, around (500) words: Due week 6, on 10/15/2021. (Refer to the Textbook

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