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Can you help me understand this Calculus question?

Solve the following problems in detail, showing your work in an uploaded file, either pdf or jpeg (or, if necessary, MS Word). Partial credit is given in proportion to how close your work is to being correct.

1. For the points P(2,5,-3), Q(0,2,2) and R(4,1,1) find (a) scalar parametric equations for the line through P and Q and (b) an equation of the form Ax + By + Cz = D for the plane through P, Q, and R. [5 points apiece]

2. Find the acute angle between the planes x + 2y – 2z = 5 and 6x – 3y + 2z = 8 to the nearest thousandth, in radians. [6 points]

3. Let r(t), v(t) and a(t) stand for the position, velocity, and acceleration, respectively, of an object at time t.

Find r(t) if a(t) = sin t i – cos t j + e -t kv(0) = i + j + k and r(0) = j – k. [8 points]

4. Let C be the first quadrant portion of the circle of radius 3 centered on the origin. Find the line itegral for x 2y over C. [8 points]

The work you show must be your own. Obvious copying of another person’s work (this includes use of Chegg or similar sites) will be penalized.

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