The planning of technical and scientific documents is essential for clear and concise communication. Keeping audience and purpose in mind, the writer must generate ideas about a chosen topic, and then organize those ideas in the form of a working outline, while also researching additional information and understanding its place in the overall project at hand.

For this assignment, using the topic you chose in Week One, create (1) an outline and (2) an annotated bibliography that will form the structural and research foundation for the Final Project that is due in Week Five.

Page 45 of Technical Communication offers clustering and branch-diagram techniques for developing supporting ideas around a main topic. You are encouraged to explore these techniques. You will then organize those ideas in the form of a working outline.

Outline steps:

  1. Review the sample outline in this week’s required resource: 
    Matthes, K. (2015). Outline form. Retrieved from
  2. Develop a one- to two-page outline of your chosen topic and associated ideas or sub-topics. Your outline should be formatted as either alphanumeric, full-sentence, or decimal. Be sure to include a working thesis statement in your outline. While this version of your thesis will surely change during the drafting process, your thesis for this assignment should provide clear direction for your outline’s supporting points.
  3. Be sure to include all of the information illustrated on the sample Outline. This includes a well-written thesis statement, related topic sentences, and significant supporting information for each topic.

Regarding research and the development of an annotated bibliography, the author of Technical Communication states on page 46: “Once you have a good idea of what you already know about your topic, you need to obtain the rest of the information you will need. You can find and evaluate what other people have already written by reading reference books, scholarly books, articles, [and] Web sites.”

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