The Treaty of Versailles was a multilateral peace agreement which came into force in 1919 and was largely attributed to the eventual end of world war 1. Of great importance to note is that the agreement was entered into by Germany- viewed as the main aggressor during the war and the allied powers. It brought to end the four years of gruesome war which claimed many lives and destroyed a lot of property. This paper argues that the treaty was a failure despite it having brought some semblance of peace to the world.

The first reason the treaty was a failure was because the winning (allied) powers were not unanimous in agreeing on how to handle Germany which had been accused of instigating the war. The treaty brought to fore the dichotomy of ideological stands between France and Britain who perceived Germany differently (Andelman, & Evans, 2008). Whereas the Britons were of the opinion that Germany was no more a threat to European stability, France argued that Germany had to be checked in terms of its powers because it was threat to her as well as Europe at large. This difference between the two allied countries meant that they couldn’t cooperate on security issues of Germany.

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