You are a new manager to a company in the automotive industry. You are asked to review the monthly management reports that are presented to the owner each month.  The previous manager, who had been employed for many years before retiring, usually just approved the reports and returned them immediately. The controller is getting anxious that you are taking so long to review them. You noticed, however, that the reports, which consist of a Horizontal Analysis, Vertical Analysis and Ratio Analysis, do not seem to add up. There is a discrepancy that is causing you to worry that the reports are being purposely modified and the controllers repeated phone calls make you think that he/she is covering something up. You are on good terms with the owner so far and are scheduled to have a meeting with him during your 2nd week at work. What steps do you think you should take? Would it be appropriate to mention your concerns during the meeting? Should you speak directly with the controller? Provide examples of how you might handle the situation at hand. Be sure to note your source and in-text citations in APA format.

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