Need to write political science discussion post (250+ word). Please read through all the rules and required readings before answering the questions. Please use *APA citation format* for both in-text citations and work citations (Include URL if there is any). Topic and Rules are attached.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Discussion Rules I am looking for posts to: • Respond to the question asked with a minimum of 250 words; however, meeting the minimum length requirement does not guarantee you full credit, knowledge and substance matter. • Exhibit understanding of the material • Draw insight from your experience and course material • Provide supporting content from the readings or other sources to back up your argument. If paraphrasing and/or quoting a passage, please cite the source!! This allows the reader (fellow students and instructor) to see the context of the quote and potentially provide a counter-interpretation. • Furthermore o Posts that are non-responsive, vague, unrelated to the weekly topic, or that rely mostly on personal opinion without reference to course material will receive a ZERO. o Write your posts as you would write an essay; using paragraphs,

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