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Answer two of the following questions, and respond to at least one other student’s post afterward for a total of at least 400 words. 

1. According to Sternheimer, what is the larger issue behind focusing on or blaming media for various social problems? What does the author believe are the more important underlying issues? Why might politicians, the public, and the media itself be reluctant to discuss these issues, in your opinion?

2. Why does Sternheimer believe that social context is so important in understanding fears about media and popular culture? What are “moral panics,” and what examples of moral panics does she provide in 20th century music? Do you see examples of similar, current moral panics in American culture?

3. What is “agenda-setting theory,” and how does the media itself ironically stoke public fears about media influence on children? How might a constructionist approach to social problems provide us with a more nuanced understanding of the supposed “harm” of popular culture?

Please give a response to this post:


According to chapter one, Sternheimer explains blaming media that televisions and video games are the cause of social problems can distract our attention from essential issues and causations. The largely contemporary issues she analyzes including education, violence, early pregnancies, poverty, and family instability. The most serious challenge American children face is poverty. The families don’t get enough benefit from their works. And, schools in poverty area are not safe and qualified. Kids are in danger. However, people ignore the real causation but attribute the issue to popular culture which is derived from media. In my opinion, politicians and the public don’t have the ability to solve these issues. Instead of looking at the cause of social problems, they are content to simply blame popular culture and media. So, the media will reluctant to discuss these issues to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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