Paper instructions

Dominance Theory Perspective – John D.Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust Case Study

Read the John D. Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust case study  as well as pp. 145–150 –> Exxon and the Control of Oil. In your paper, you are to support the position of the dominance theory of business power.

From the perspective of the dominance theory which you have been assigned, consider the following prompts in your paper:

  1. Regarding  the seven levels of corporate power, how did the power of Standard Oil change society?
  2. Was the power exercised in keeping with the social contract of Rockefeller’s  era?
  3. Does the story support the position of the dominance theory of business power?
  4. Did  the arguments you read in this case study change your perspective?

Paper Requirements

12-font, Times New Roman, 1-3 pages, APA style (scholarly reference citations)

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