This draft should be a rough, but complete attempt (about 5 pages or 1300-1500 words) rather than a polished, final product (no less than 4 pages or 1000 words).
Information from roughly 5 sources from the EU library (articles and/or books) should be integrated into the draft as support for your points (no fewer than 3 sources from EU library).
All sources should be quoted and cited by APA standards. Any words or ideas borrowed from a source but not properly quoted and/or cited constitute plagiarism.
Draft should include an apa formatted reference page.
I expect that this draft will NOT be polished and all points may not be completely developed and/or supported BUT you have attempted to get your ideas onto the paper in essay form, support them with academic sources as support and cite by APA standards.  
View the live session for important information.
This draft is important so that I can give you suggestions for your final draft. If you do not submit it by Sunday at 11:59 p.m  
To those who see this, this is my outline and needs to incorporate this:  Everglades University  English Composition IIThesis and Outline The following will be close to what my thesis is, “Cyber Security was established to prevent hacking of personal information and to protect against  computer viruses however the benefits of cyber security may not outweigh the risks due to invasion of privacy.Outline:Once I establish the thesis and leave the reader questioning how cyber security can be a risk to our privacy I want to follow the next statement with a statistic on cyber security that is an argument against cyber security. I am thinking of adding that statistics show an increase of 600% of cyber security attacks. Possibly, “Essentially, officials wantCongress to require all services that enable communications—including encrypted  e-mail transmitters likeBlackBerry,socialnetworkingWebsiteslike Facebookandsoftwarethatallowsdirect“peertopeer”messaginglikeSkype—tobetechnicallycapableofcomplyingifservedwithawiretaporder.Themandate wouldincludebeingabletointerceptandunscramble
encryptedmessages.”Vogel;2011. Then I will go into reasoning behind why cyber security was invented and how many disadvantages have occurred since it has been implemented.Although information is supposed to be safe due to cyber security there has been many serious breaches in information. Another point to bring up from the same source is, privacy advocates argue that the bill works so hard to encourage companies to share information with the government that it cuts corners on privacy, oversight and legal accountability. One major concern is that when companies share information on threats—such as an email that was part of a phishing attack or a file infected with malware—those files could contain customers’ personal data.Going off of subjective data will really help draw the conclusion for the reader why there are more risks than benefits because of the supporting details that will be provided. I will end the writing with a question to the read on whether or not they arefor or against cyber security.References:Foley and Lardner; 2011 “Invasion of Privacy or Cyber Security”

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