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Final Exam Study Guide CHE 105 spring 2021 1. Give an example of each type of following alcohol. Wood alcohol, drinking alcohol, rubbing alcohol 2. Write properties of ether. Name the primary functional group of thiols. 3. Name the unpleasant odor causing molecule in skunk spray? 4. Write properties of sulfides. 5. What is oriental flush? Mention the cause of oriental flush. A. What type of molecule will be the final product of the following reaction? a. b. c. d. e. 6. Aldehyde Carboxylic acid Ketone Alcohol Thiol Which of the following molecules cannot undergo oxidation? i. 2-methyl-2-propanol ii. 1-propanol iii. 2-propanol 7. Mention other names of the following compounds (6) i. Methanol, b. Ethanol, and c. Propanol Ester: 1. Write properties of ester (structural and physiochemical). Name one ester used in chewing gum. 2. What are

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