Edward Bernays’ Four Main Drives for Advertising

Your task is to select of the products and construct a PR campaign. Be sure to cover these three steps:

(1) Pick a product from the list below.

· Bubble gum cigarettes

· Pogo sticks

· Chewing tobacco

· Chain wallets

· Child leashes

· Phone booths

· Typewriters

· Abacus

(2) Construct a PR marketing campaign that uses Edward Bernays’ 4 main drives—describe your advertisement idea to us. 

(3) Explain why you chose to market the product in this way—why is your campaign effective? How does it control the public’s irrational desires?

Remember that Bernays marketed products based on four basic human drives: (1) self-preservation, (2) security, (3) aggression, and (4) sex appeal. Our client expects you to relate the product to of these drives in your PR marketing campaign. 

Your campaign may also include indirect advertising. Remember, direct advertisings would be traditional advertisements in print, radio, or television. Some examples of indirect methods that Bernays used were publicity stunts, media events, and third party studies/polls (supporting the product) that he released to the media. 

You may choose as many methods as necessary. But for whichever methods you choose, you must explain the motivation for marketing the product in this way. The main question is why or how does this approach effectively cater to the basic drive(s) that Bernays describes? 

Requirements: 2 pages minimum, double spaced, times new roman, 1 inch margins. 

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