Here are the questions that need answered

  • Discusses the dynamic and complex nature of Tectonic Hazards in terms of their relationship to the concept of risk. In specific:
    • Why is it difficult to assess risk in terms of tectonic hazards?
    • What is the concept of resilience?
    • What are the social and economic impacts of tectonic hazards?
  • Shifting to the consideration of mass movement hazards which often accompany tectonic hazards, discuss:
    • Slope stability;
    • The role of gravity and the role of water in mass movement events;
    • Whether or not one (gravity or water) can mitigate the effects or either (Gravity or water); How so?
  • Finally, explore triggering events related to potential mass movement events.
    • Can mass movement hazard predictions be made on the basis of understanding of slope stability and triggering events?

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