The Look Book must include:

  • Graphic Title page ( Key Art , Poster Art, Title Page) This can be created from a graphics, stock footage, or anything that can convey the feeling of the project, character drawings , etc. This should be first page.
  • Then create an opening Look Book overview with the following:
    • Budget Amount ( the Ask Amount)
    • Type of Project, Genre, TV/Film (TV: limited or on going), Location: NY and Europe, Time: Present Day or 1900s, Log Line of the story (a short 2 line description of your project concept and/or story)
  • Make sure your ENTIRE presentation makes sense. Choose the font, text size, graphics, color scheme and visual feeling for the entire presentation and keep it that way. Each page should have a title or header.
  • Use proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and above else be ENGAGING!!!! If it is boring to read it is boring to pitch.
  • Then include the Full Synopsis (Create a full detailed page or more of project story line 1-3 page max) If this is TV you will need to have all your first season episodes done ( i.e. 1-10 episodes with a short paragraph of each and title of each) Please detail out your full season synopsis arch . This would be the same if you are doing a Web-series.
  • Insert THREE (3) Comparable films with budget and profits that are similar to your film. Comparable sheet if this is for film. ( (Links to an external site.)) A comparable topic sheet for TV would be similar shows and their audience numbers i.e. 2 Million viewership. So find out what the ratings have been for TV projects similar or their audience draw quantities. They each should have the key art or poster art with their information.
  • Then include the Actors Attached w/photos or wish list of actors in the main roles. This should include the character name they are playing and the character description for each main character only.
  • If the film is based on novel then provide the supporting publishing information, how many books sold who bought it, and reviews of the novel. Above all state if you have or are seeking the rights.
  • Detail out who your demographic is and what are their spending habits. Do not list white men 18-26. Explain their education, ethnicity, spending habits, are they Gen Y or what and who are they.
  • List ALL the key people involved in your project. If you are it then you will need your bio and your photo and what you are : Producer, Director, Writer or any hybrid version of this. If there are more people then list ALL of them with their Bio IMDB link w/photo of ALL key people participating.
  • Lastly, include YOUR Contact Information, name , company, email, phone and your company logo.
  • Make sure your presentation is not just a plain Power Point graphic but you have included graphics,photos, that convey the feeling of your film/tv show etc. You must have visual photos, graphics on every page of this presentation.

Explanation & Answer length: 10 Pages

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